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Looking Ahead

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I told myself I wouldn’t do it. I promised I would refrain. Every blogger in the universe either already has published a ‘looking back on 2016’ or ‘looking ahead to 2017’ post, or is busy composing one. Why should anyone care what I think?

There is very little I want to say about 2016. Very little I want to remember. Yes, there were a couple of milestones: I released audiobook editions of my first two novels and published a third; my husband and I welcomed a new puppy into our home (those of you who subscribe to my newsletter have seen pictures of our Shalom); and, yes, the Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton as their candidate for POTUS.

Oops. Ignore that last one. I promised myself I wouldn’t go there. Still hurts too much.

What about 2017? Well, I’ve made a couple of resolutions. Or, perhaps I should think of them as wishes?

  1. Resolved: No more wasting my time on Freecell, Jigidi, or 2048 computer games and puzzles.
  2. Resolved: No more wasting my time on CNN, FOXNews, MSNBC, etc., etc.
  3. Resolved: No more wasting my time!

What do I expect to do with all of the hours thus liberated?

  1. Take more long walks with husband and puppy.
  2. Spend more time working in the garden.
  3. Write, edit and publish at least one book in 2017 (with luck, by mid-summer).
  4. Investigate repackaging my first three books into a ‘box set’ Kindle book.
  5. Revive my food safety blog, eFoodAlert.

That last item sort of sneaked up on you, didn’t it? For five years after I retired as a food safety microbiologist – up until the time I reinvented myself as a novelist – I wrote a food safety blog in which I tracked foodborne illness outbreaks and food recalls around the world. I have a hunch the arrival in Washington of an administration that is promising to ‘reduce the regulatory burden on businesses’ will bring about diminished FDA and USDA enforcement of food safety regulations. I cannot sit on the sidelines and watch the progress of the last several years be flushed down the toilet without comment.

So, farewell to Jigidi, Freecell, 2048; farewell to compulsive reading of political diatribes on Facebook; farewell to meaningless trivia quizzes.

The FoodBugLady is poised for a comeback in 2017.

One thought on “Looking Ahead

  1. I had wondered about that, Cuzzie. I suspected you’d take on the responsibility, all things considered. I’m glad for that. Happy New Year, Cuz!


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