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It’s Gotcha Day!

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The Entis family is celebrating an anniversary.

One year ago today, Shalom, our Australian Cobberdog, crept out of her travel crate and into our hearts.

We had done this before, and we knew the drill. We drove from Carmel-by-the-Sea to Los Angeles the day before Shalom’s scheduled arrival, and spent the night in Culver City at the home of our cousin. The following morning, the three of us waited with impatience for The Phone Call.

At last, around 10:00, we received the call. Shalom would be ready for us by noon.

Of course, we chose to arrive more than an hour ahead of time. “Just in case she’s ready early,” we told ourselves. We turned into the Qantas Cargo terminal parking lot shortly after 10:30, Cousin Alice a few seconds behind. And cooled our heels until nearly noon.

Shalom was worth the wait. After a few seconds hesitation, she allowed me to lure her out of the crate and nestled calmly in my arms.




A farewell romp in the grass with one of her fellow travelers, a pause for a potty break, and we were set to drive home.



The return trip was long. Five-and-a-half hours at the best of times, it stretched to more than six hours, as we stopped on several occasions to allow Shalom to potty and have a drink of water. Eventually, we arrived home in Carmel-by-the-Sea to a lovely surprise. A special Welcome Home ‘Puff The Magic Dragon’ stuffed squeaky toy for Shalom, courtesy of our neighbors.



Exhausted by the trip, all three of us went to bed early. The night passed uneventfully, except for the inevitable potty breaks. The next morning, we were all smiles as Shalom prepared to meet her public.



And now a year has passed, and our 9.5-pound puppy suddenly is a fully grown 41-pound adolescent. She has learned to climb stairs, and recently discovered that she can jump onto our bed with a single, graceful leap.







In addition to receiving the latest news about Damien Dickens Mysteries, subscribers to my monthly letter, Damien Dickens News, can share in some of Shalom’s antics and adventures. If you wish to add your name to the email distribution list, just follow this live link and complete the short sign-up procedure.

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