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Introducing Nicole Fitton

May’s featured writer is Nicole Fitton, whose second novel, Forbidden Colours, will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Image 5-1-17 at 12.08 PMNicole Fitton is an author and freelance writer who has lived in such glamorous locations as London, New York and Croydon! She currently resides in Devon, UK with her family. Forbidden Colours is her second novel. Her career has spanned over 3 decades working in PR and marketing within the music industry. She currently works within healthcare in the UK.

Alongside her novels Nicole has a passion for writing short stories.This year has seen her short ‘Soaring’ featured in an anthology by the Black Pear Press. Her stories always have a happy ending, but, the way in which they get there will keep you guessing right up until the last page! She admits she gets bored easily and can often be found enjoying new adventures!

I asked Nicole how the concept for Forbidden Colours came to her:

Nicole: Forbidden Colours was the evolution of a question that had been rattling around in my brain. You know, those annoying questions that wake you at 4am and won’t let you rest until you’ve written something. Well, that’s how it was for me. I had read a newspaper article about the complexity of the human brain and well, it all started from there.

GW: I know exactly what you mean. How would you categorize the novel?

Nicole: Forbidden Colours is a gripping love story which contains elements of psychological suspense. It has enough adrenaline-fuelled drama to power the national grid!

GW: (chuckling) Sounds like a good source of renewable energy. I’m always interested in the evolution of a novel. With Forbidden Colours, did the plot dictate the characters, or vice versa?

Nicole: Once I had the protagonist Midori Yates firmly fixed in my mind’s eye she took charge and dictated the direction of travel.

GW: I love that feeling where the character drives the story. What can you share with us about the plot? Without introducing spoilers, that is.

Nicole: The story centres around a new drug being brought to market that does not quite do what it is supposed to…. I shall leave it at that. I have a passion for science and being able to incorporate that into a book is very exciting.

GW: You mentioned that the idea for Forbidden Colours came to you as a question at 4am. Would you let us in on the question?

Nicole: It’s a question I often ask myself, but seldom has it led me in such an unusual direction…… ‘What if?’


Nicole was kind enough to share a sample of Forbidden Colours with us.

Forbidden Colours

41v7ICy+ooLWhat if your memories were not your memories? What if the drug hailed as a cure becomes your  curse and ultimately your destruction?

Forbidden Colours is a gripping tale where nothing is quite as it seems. Neurologist Nick Campbell is all set to believe in new drug Centoria, but when his patients start turning up dead he starts to wonder whether his faith has been blind.

Determined to uncover the truth, pharmaceutical employee Midori Yates and Dr Nick Campbell find a conspiracy that is to have devastating consequences for both of them. Forbidden Colours is a clever contemporary thriller that has numerous twists and turns that will make your head spin! A book for bedtime? Maybe but don’t expect to get any sleep.


Katzuko Yates eyed her daughter thoughtfully. A sense of apprehension gripped her. Those years in Japan were long ago; she wondered if she could be clear with her explanation. Even though buried, her memories continued to breathe under the mountain of life she’d lived. Dare she even speak of them? Could she speak of them? Their place of residence had become an unmarked grave in her history. Her family had a right to know, after everything that had happened. His world was dark and full of shadows; where would she begin? For over 25 years she had told no one. Now she was being drawn back into his world. It was a time she wanted to forget. The tie that had been bound to her so tightly was about to be broken.



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