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Award-winning mystery writer and food safety microbiologist

Announcing a new arrival


The Gold Dragon Roars

The Dragon has been soaring, and now it’s roaring.

Less than five months after its release in paperback and ebook formats, The Gold Dragon Caper is now available in an audiobook edition.

I was thrilled to collaborate once again with Tom Lennon, the original voice of Damien Dickens, in the production of the fourth audiobook in the Damien Dickens Mysteries series. This is the third time Tom and I have worked together, and I enjoyed renewing our collaboration.

And, speaking of collaboration, a tip of the hat to my talented cousin, Hilary Quint, for her assistance in the design of the audiobook cover.

TGDC audiobook final cover

Hear Here!

No need to do a double-take. The heading is not a misprint. You can HEAR a sample of the audiobook HERE. Just turn up the sound, and click on the link.

Free Audiobook

Not yet an Audible subscriber? Then, I’ve got a deal for you.

Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial subscription with Audible and download your copy of The Gold Dragon Caper audiobook absolutely free. If you choose not to continue your subscription at the end of the 30-day trial, you get to keep your copy of The Gold Dragon Caper anyway. No strings attached.


This update wouldn’t be complete without a current picture of Shalom. Here she is, in one of her favorite poses, as she looks out the window to watch the street. She has taken to jumping right over the back of the sofa when she spots someone or something of interest outside.



6 thoughts on “Announcing a new arrival

  1. Congratulations!! Looking forward to listening!


  2. Shalom looks so at home and comfortable! Have you moved to your new house already?




  3. w00tw00t! Book Birthdays are the best. @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

    Liked by 1 person

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