Phyllis Entis

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A desert island kind of day

I’ve been reading much too much lately. Too many books I would ordinarily pass on, but for a promise I made to read for review. Too many new authors I’ve taken a flyer on, then decided they weren’t my speed. Too many depressing Auschwitz-based books.

This morning, I picked up my iPad, thumbed through the list of books on hand, and decided I needed a complete change in pace, tone and topic.

Whenever this happens, my remedy is to take refuge in one of my ‘desert island’ books. These are books that I shall never sell, give away, or throw away, no matter how many times we move. Books that are old friends with whom I share an occasional visit to refresh my mental muscles.

This morning, I allowed my eyes to walk across the titles until they settled on this book.


I first read The Gift of Asher Lev by Chaim Potok decades ago. I had already read some of his earlier books – The Promise, The Chosen and My Name is Asher Lev – and looked forward to reading the sequel to the first of the Asher Lev books. I find a special joy in immersing myself in a book that speaks to my cultural heritage as well as to my desire to enjoy the work of an excellent writer.

I hope you will excuse the brevity of this post, as I am eager to return to Asher.

What books or authors qualify for your desert island list? Please share your favorites in the Comments, below.