Phyllis Entis

Award-winning mystery writer and food safety microbiologist

Here, there be deer


Other places warn about deer crossings. Our neighbourhood goes one step further.

Almost daily, we see deer grazing our front lawn or strolling down our street. Shalom has taken to lying in front of the floor-to-ceiling living room window, chin on the windowsill, as she waits to greet our visitors with barks and bounces.

This is what she sees.

Typically, a lone deer will wander over and check out the breakfast buffet.

Soon to be joined by one or more friends.

After a while, the deer notice Shalom’s excited barking and pause to check for any sign of danger.

The “All Clear” given, one doe takes time out for a potty break while the other one stands guard.

I took a stroll this afternoon, hoping to stumble across one of the families of deer that roam through the area. There is one foursome we often see from our window, consisting of a stag (complete with antlers), a doe and two fawns.

I didn’t have any luck with that, but did have a fairly close encounter with a lone doe as I walked the path through our local blackberry patch.

The berries are starting to ripen. I shall need to dig out my recipe for preserves before too much more time passes.

The doe was kind enough to pose for me.

As I turned for home, I spotted this magnificent tree.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our new neighbourhood. See you again next Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Here, there be deer

  1. We used to see deer all the time in MO too. They ate my flowers. LOL


  2. When I was living north, deer came up to the lakeside deck every day through the winter.. but never any other season. They’re so lovely to see. And that tree is just gorgeous. I’ll bet it has stories to tell.

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    • It is a rare day here when the deer don’t show up. We’ve seen fawns as well as adults. Many of the really old trees around here are Garry oaks, a variety specific to Vancouver Island. We have one of them in our yard. I noticed recently that it had sprouted a hula hoop.


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