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Iris Chacon Is Indie e-Book Award Winner

Congratulations to my friend and fellow Indie author, Iris Chacon, for winning the Library Journal Indie e-Book Mystery Award for 2017.

The winning entry, Finding Miranda, is a light-hearted read with enough plot twists to keep a mystery lover satisfied. Please follow the link to Iris’s blog to read the Library Journal review of Finding Miranda.



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Steel My Soldiers’ Hearts

imagesIt is my custom to commemorate Remembrance Day and Veterans Day, usually by posting pictures of my family members who served during the two World Wars.

This year, I have decided instead to share a passage from Steel My Soldiers’ Hearts, by Neil J. Stewart.

“The fighting did produce several memorable episodes for those engaged on Hill 195 that day. Sergeant John Andrews was advancing his tank with the rest of his No. 3 Squadron comrades along the east flank of the hill, when an 88 mm shell crashed through the hull, severing fuel lines and igniting an immediate fire. The crew bailed out quickly and began creeping through the grass and weeds to a safer refuge, away from the pyre behind them. Sergeant Andrews noticed that one of his crew members, the co-driver, Moe Lutsky, was not with them. In the face of considerable enemy sniping and mortaring, he immediately crept back to the burning vehicle from which he had just escaped. There he found Lutsky, still in the tank, and dangerously wounded, with both feet shot off. Andrews dug him out of his seat and slowly dragged him back to shelter and treatment, which undoubtedly saved Lutsky’s life. The award of a Military Medal for Andrews was approved almost automatically.”

Moe Lutsky, the man Andrews saved that day on Hill 195 was my father’s brother.

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DOWNSIDE UP is Here! — janethornleyfiction

I’m delighted to be a part of fellow-author Jane Thornley’s blog tour, celebrating her new release, Downside Up.

Please follow the link at the bottom of this page to read Jane’s blog.

Have you ever taken a stroll on a summer’s eve and chanced to glance into someone’s window? Maybe there were people inside and maybe not but, either way, it was a glimpse into another world, and perhaps it caused you to pause long enough to wonder what those lives were like. Yes, I know that […]

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